Why do you want to join as a medical representative?

For people looking to take on a new challenge, medical sales could be the perfect fit for the job. Flexible, challenging and motivated medical sales representatives provide the link between pharmaceutical, medical and biotech companies and the healthcare system that supplies their products to their patients. There are a few reasons employers ask potential candidates what drove them to pursue a career in medical sales. Employers want to hear the specific situations or aspects of working as a medical sales representative that led you to pursue your career.

This question allows them to learn more about a candidate's goals, interests, and plans. It allows them to learn what, beyond traditional requirements, makes each candidate the right choice for the vacant position. We believe that the most important aspect of any job is that you are happy. Good news for potential medical sales reps, a study conducted by Medreps found that 72% of medical sales reps are satisfied or very satisfied with their work.

That's higher than the national average for job satisfaction. This industry is constantly growing and is never affected by recession. Its GDP is around 14% and always growing, not going up and down like other industries, the second thing is that our client is a respected and knowledgeable person with whom we have to meet, these industries also offer a good package and growth. In my previous position, I had a patient who was looking for a new medication because his current one didn't work well for him.

I was always intrigued by the doctor and nurse's ability to quickly choose the best medications to treat a person's symptoms. Medical representatives (MRs) are the people who make key communication between medical professionals and drug manufacturing companies. Almost every market in the country has medical sales representatives covering it, from Waco Texas to New York. A typical medical sales interview will include questions related to your experience and skills that make you a good candidate.

However, there are other options that medical sales can lead to, including functions in marketing and corporate training. Representatives sell life-changing products and services, such as new FDA-approved devices, products and medical services. Selling medical devices is a highly competitive and demanding field, but it's also very rewarding, so it's no surprise that many people want to enter this industry and start their careers. Promote new drugs and medical devices to doctors, pharmacists and other members of the medical community.

During this time, I also encountered the medical sales industry and immediately began to learn more about how pharmaceutical sales worked. Medical sales reps build long-term relationships with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers and help educate them about their products. By connecting with different medical providers, learning what needs they have and how I can offer solutions to them, I can turn my interests into an important career that makes a difference. In your response, try to show that you understand the rules well and how they apply to your work as a medical representative.