What treatments do you get at a spa?

The most common spa treatment is a massage. Other services offered range from facials, manicures, pedicures and body treatments. The body therapy services provided at spas go far beyond what can be done at home. Body scrubs usually accompany any treatment sought, but they can also be independent.

This process begins with total body exfoliation to achieve hydration or detoxification. Salt or sugar is applied everywhere and, afterwards, takes a shower. The therapist will apply cream, mud, clay, or even seaweed for an extended period of time while massaging the body. Body therapy services can achieve whatever effect the client is looking for, usually to moisturize or detoxify the surface.

Treatments and charges vary widely from spa to spa, but these are some of the services that are often offered. As a general rule, for a short day visit, you'll spend most of your time wearing your robe and bathing suit, except for treatments that require you to undress. The therapist should then explain the stages of treatment to you and explain the purpose and benefits of each. It's also a good idea to read about the treatments offered by the spa you're visiting to make sure you choose one that fits what you want to achieve.

The vast majority of spas are day spas, but the term covers a range of possibilities, from Thai massage venues to luxurious full-service spas, with wine service, elegant lounges, and a variety of treatments, rituals, and experiences. Once you've had a great treatment, whether with or without your paper panties on, you'll be a pro. The therapist will ask you questions about the condition of your skin to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. Whether you want to book a monthly spa day or make it part of your annual getaway, spa treatments are worth it.

Mineral water spas use mineral-rich waters in hydrotherapy or thalassotherapy, which is a range of treatments that use seawater, algae and other natural elements from the ocean for therapeutic benefits. The following guide explains what usually happens before, during and after selected spa treatments, and what else to expect from your special day. You may be able to book additional spa treatments for later in the day, depending on staff and room availability. We highly recommend an Invisibobble, as it not only has many benefits, as mentioned below, but it also prevents kinks so that your hair looks the same as before you tied it, ideal for when you need to go to lunch or dinner after a treatment.

Once you're out of the way, the therapist will take you to the treatment room and tell you if you need to remove your clothes. Depending on where you apply your body mud mask treatment, you'll likely get a full body scrub before the mask is applied to your skin. Whether spa treatments are new to you or you're looking to explore more exclusive spa services, it's always helpful to have answers to lingering questions.